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History in the Making

The saying goes "good things take time" and that is most true for NQH. For years the team had been looking for a piece of property that was flat and had naturally good footing. It took roughly three years to piece the deal together, build our forever home and then our dream stables. Our barn is now a fully functioning training facility with an indoor and an outdoor that stretches 200x400ft. The goal with the  barn was to have a comfortable stable for both us and the horses throughout all canadian seasons with boasting with a bright and inviting interior. 



Growing up, Daniel Northrup always wanted his own horse. He was first introduced to the animals by his grandfather who raced standardbreds. Dan started visiting the track with him on a consistent basis at the young age of three and his passion only grew from there. From then on, he started at the local pony club learning as much as he could. Despite the fact he was introduced to all disciplines, he was always drawn towards the western discipline. He began to show as a youth and competed in the open shows. When the American Quarter Horse shows started in this area, he shifted to those competing in the all around classes. As soon as he was finished as a youth, he moved into the open classes with much success. This change over opened the training doors for him and he began to take on a few training horses. 

Dan has always had a desire to do better, learn more and compete at a higher level which is why he reached out to a man by the name of Alex Ross. At the time, Alex was based out of North Carolina, so Dan and his wife Kelly Northrup packed up and moved down there. This allowed him the opportunity to learn the art of Western Pleasure on some very nice horses. Alex today still remains a very close friend and Dan still travels down, now to Texas, to visit him to share their ideologies and pointers with each other. 

Furthering his career, Dan and Kelly decided to purchase a reining horse. They brought her home but then quickly made the decision to send thus horse to a man by the name of Ruben Vandorp for him to assess. At the time, they agreed that she was not what Dan was looking for, so he sold her and proceeded to buy a nice 2yr old from Ruben that went by the name "Awayward Revolution". Dan made the decision to leave the horse with Ruben which resulted in Dan travelling down and spending lots of time there. This resulted in Dan finding a passion for reiners and their abilities. With Rubens guidance and showing "Awayward Revolution" in the pre Futurities, Dan decided to pay (that horse) into the NRHA Futurity as a 3yr old. An opportunity arose to sell him and it was an offer that could not be passed up. 

With no horse of his own, Dan was still going down and riding with Ruben. One of these trips south had Dan finding himself growing very fond of 2yr old colt he was riding owned by Silver Spurs at the time. His name was "Aboomen Revolution" or as we like to call him: Magic Mike. Dan went ahead and purchased and knowing his potential, went ahead and took the same route as he had done with his previous horse. He showed at the Quarter Horse Congress placing 9th out of 110 horses and made it into the finals of the NRHA Futurity. After his successful career, Dan decided to bring Magic Mike home to give him a break and breed some mares.

With Dan's extensive knowledge and incredible team, he now trains and shows all-around quarter horses and reiners. His goal it to become the best horseman he can be. Everyday, he devotes to learning something new to improve and help the horse.

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